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Series Preview: St. Louis Cardinals

Our beloved Brewers visit His Royal Highness Albert Pujols and his minions in St. Louis for a four game series and a chance to really help the Reds increase their lead in the central. 

I've already done two Series Previews for the Cardinals.  Way back at the start of the season I asked DanUpBaby of Viva El Birdos some questions and  a month ago I did wikipedia facts on the team.

Here are the updated basic statistics on the team:

Current Record: 43-435 (Second in NL Central)
Runs Scored: 342
Runs Allowed: 285
Best Batting Average: God (.310)
Best OBP: God (.421)
Best SLG: God (.563)
Most HR: God (18)
Most RBI: God (57)
Most Strikeouts (Hitter): Colby Rasmus (79)
Most Strikeouts (Pitcher): Adam Wainwright (114)
Most Walks (Pitcher): Jaime Garcia (37)
Best ERA: Ryan Franklin (2.23)
Best FIP: Noel Salas (2.66)
Best WAR (hitter): Matt Holliday (!) (3.4)
Best WAR (pitcher): Wainwright (2.8)

Since the Brewers last played the Cardinals on June 7, St. Louis has gone 10-11.  Pujols has cooled down quite a bit (compared to his standards) and has hit  .289/.386/.513 since then.  Matt Holliday has been hitting .304/.356/.595.  St.  Louis has fallen out of first place to the Cincinnati Reds, who lead them by 0.5 games currently.  The Cardinals are also currently 1 game back of the wild card.  Clearly, we must end them.