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Brewers 4, Cardinals 1

W: Randy Wolf (6-7)
L: Blake Hawksworth (2-5)
S: John Axford (9)

HR: Casey McGehee (13), George Kottaras (6), Prince Fielder (18); Albert Pujols (19)

MVP: Kameron Loe (+.233)
LVP: Jim Edmonds (-.061)

the win process, graphed; and Star of the Game voting
SBNation coverage

Randy Wolf put in an excellent pitching performance tonight. Wolf, along with Kameron Loe and John Axford, limited the Cardinals to 4 hits tonight. On the other hand, the Brewers knocked 3 home runs off the Cardinals pitching, 2 off starter Blake Hawksworth. All the Brewers' runs tonight came off their home runs. The game was essentially in the favor of the Brewers from McGehee's homer in the 2nd to the end. Sadly, Ryan Braun and Jim Edmonds did not share in the 8-hit bounty, going hitless.