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Uni Notes


On Thursday, Carlos Gomez, likely looking to break out of his offensive funk, went high socked. Gomez was 1-for-4 but did make the above pictured amazing catch in center field. 

The next day the Brewers wore their pinstripes and Gomez was back to the low pants.

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The team wore special Cerveceros jerseys on Saturday.


On Friday, the team wore their regular pinstripes and Ryan Braun hit a walk off.


The same night the Pirates wore some pretty funky black unis with front numbers. Here's Paul Maholm modeling the look


The Esky chronicles continued as on July 2 he was sporting low pants


But on July 4 he was back to being high socked.


He's sporting the special red, white and blue hat for the 4th of July weekend.

Brewers fans should be happy that none of our players has earned themselves any strange nicknames or they may find themselves going to a game looking like this



I saw this over at Uni Watch and fell in love with this scorecard. Too bad its from St. Louis. I would love to see the Brewers do artwork like this instead of just putting the logo or a picture on it.


Saturday night the Brewers faced D. J. Carrasco, who sported some amazing stirrups.


Lastly, there were all kinds of flashy shoes that showed up at the All-Star Game. Check out Brian Wilson's




Season Record by Uniform

Grey Top/Grey Pants 14-10

Navy Top/White Pants 7-6

White Top/White Pants 5-15

Throwbacks 3-2

Milwaukee Navy Top/Grey Pant 5-12

Cerveceros 1-0