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Brewers 0, Cardinals 5

W: Jamie Garcia (8-4)
L:  Chris Narveson (7-5)

HR: Tyler Greene (2), 

MVP: Scoreboard Zeros.
LVP: Brewer Bats (-.293)

Fangraph of Nil.

SBNation coverage

Tonight's game was an affirmation of the century-old baseball adage, "If you don't score any runs off of Jamie Garcia and the guys that relieve him, you are probably going to lose".

Chris Narveson got the call for the Brewers to start the game, and he got into trouble right away. Narveson gave up back-to-back singles to Colby Rasmus and Felipe Lopez to start the game. Al Pujols hit into a double play that scored Lopez, and the angels wept. Matt Holliday singled and N Stavinoha doubled to drive in another run for the Redbirds, giving the Cards a 2-0 advantage after one inning.

After Al Pujols drove in a run in the 3rd (Al be with you), Tyler Greene launched a satellite in the 5th to extend the Cardinals lead to 4-0. Trevor Hoffman and bad defense teamed up to give another run to the Cards in the 8th to cap the scoring at 5-0.

Jamie Garcia pitched 7 innings, struck out 7 Brewers, and retired the last 13 batters he faced. Narveson gave up 7 hits and 0 walks, striking  out 4 in five innings. David Riske and Todd Coffey pitched scoreless frames for the Brewers.

I also learned that Al Pujols leads the NL in "scoops" with 26 (Al-lelujah).

Carpenter and Wainwright up next. Eek. White hats are lame.