Melvin lays out "Milwaukee Brewers Pitching Development Organizational Plan"


It's pretty defensive, but overall it sounds like a decent plan. I'd love to see the whole, real thing. One interesting anecdote: Melvin said the Brewers made a very serious offer to the Blue Jays in December for ace right-hander Roy Halladay, who had no-trade rights and preferred a club that spends Spring Training in Florida. The Phillies, his eventual destination, train in Clearwater, near Halladay's home. "We made as good an offer as anybody. He wouldn't come," Melvin said. "We went out on a limb and offered pretty good players for Roy Halliday. It came down to [the fact] that he had his choice of where he wanted to go. Philly had the advantage on him. So the talent pool that we get to pick from sometimes is smaller than other teams."