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Giants 9, Brewers 3

W: Dan Runzler (3-0)
L: Manny Parra (3-6)

HR: Aubrey Huff (17), Andres Torres (6), Buster Posey (6)

MVP: Casey McGehee (.123)
LVP: Manny Parra, pitching (-.271) and Alcides Escobar, batting (-.194) (and it's too bad it doesn't quantify defense)

How the Brewers lost, in convenient graph form, and Star of the Game voting
SBNation coverage

In the immortal words of Charlie Brown, AUUUUUUUGH.

The Brewers may have actually had a chance to win this game, what with the vast amount of baserunners that were left on at the end of innings. The blowing a bases loaded opportunity with no outs in the second inning (see that 2nd inning in the Win Probability graph? See? AUUUUGH) was the exemplar of their performance today. Heck, Barry Zito didn't even pitch long enough today to get credited with the win; he allowed 13 baserunners but only 2 scored.

Oh, and the middle infield was a disaster again. The error total lies; it was much worse.

At least none of the Brewers pitchers have been injured in the same way that Dan Runzler was today. Dear relief pitchers: Do not swing in order to look the hero. It can only hurt the ballclub (and you.)