Thank You, Brewers Fans

A couple weeks ago, I posted a FanPost on this site asking for which lefty and switch-hitting sluggers on your team had regularly faced The Infield Shift, and which sluggers in your division your team regularly shifted against. I also posted the same information at the other 29 blogs. Overall, the 30 websites shocked me with how helpful they were, providing over 400 comments and an excellent list of hitters to run the tests that I needed to run.

I finally published the article at Baseball Prospectus today. It is called "The Clutch and The Shifted." I asked that this article not be subscription-only, so that everyone who helped me with it can read it. Feel free to email me about it you have any questions, and I'll do my best to reply if you comment here (though keeping up with 30 blogs was challenging!.

Anyway, as part of my study, I also got the list of right-handed sluggers who hit over 20 home runs at some point between 1993 and 2010, so I will post your teams' three lists below in case you were curious. Thank you again to all who helped.


Prince Fielder
Geoff Jenkins
Jeromy Burnitz
Dave Nilsson


Jose Valentin


Rickie Weeks
Corey Hart
Ryan Braun
Mike Cameron
J.J. Hardy
Bill Hall
Carlos Lee
Richie Sexson
Wes Helms
Jose Hernandez
Marquis Grissom
John Jaha
Greg Vaughn