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Brewers 8, Pirates 7 (11 innings)


W: Loe (3-3)
L: Ledezma (0-1)

HR: Fielder (28), Lucroy (4), Tabata (4), Snyder (13), Walker (6)

Win Expectancy
SBNation Coverage

I didn't see this game because it was on WMLW, a station I don't get, and I wasn't really able to listen to it, either, because I was hanging out with a couple friends.  But this was apparently a slugfest as the two teams combined for 5 HR.  The Brewers pulled out a win in extras thanks to a walk off single by Lorenzo Cain, knocking in Ryan Braun.  This seems like it would have been a pretty awesome game to watch.

Serious question:  Why does Fangraphs win expectancy graph always start at 50%?  Shouldn't the better team start out with a better chance of winning right off the bat?  Like if you were betting on a game, the odds would be on one team to outplay the other.  Does anyone know the reason for that?