Draft Pick Signings

With the August 16th signing deadline for draft picks fast approaching, I thought I'd use this space to post updates on signings as they come in.

Today's news was the signing of 7th round pick Joel Pierce, who earlier this week was rumored to be honoring his commitment to the Chanticleer's of Costal Carolina.

That leaves the following picks unsigned (Thanks to Brewerfan for the list):

1st Round - Dylan Covey, RHP, Maranatha HS (CA)
13th Round - Michael White, RHP, Walters State CC (TN)
15th Round - Chris Bates, LHP, Regis HS (NY)
16th Round - Andrew Morris, RHP, Gulf Coast CC (FL)
19th Round - Rowan Wick, OF, Carson Graham HS (BC)
26th Round - Daniel Gibson, LHP, Jesuit HS (FL)
33 Round - William Kankel, LHP, University of Houston
34 Round - Conor Fisk, RHP, Grafton HS (WI)
35 Round - Tc Mark, C, Pinnacle HS (AZ)
40th Round - Scott Matyas, RHP, University of Minnesota
43th Round - Steven Okert, LHP, Grayson County CC (TX)
45th Round - Lucas Moran, RHP, Lutheran North HS (TX)
46th Round - Derek Goodwin, C, Diamond Ranch HS (CA)
47th Round - Billy Schroeder, C, Grand Canyon University
49th Round - Alex Simone, OF, Christian Brothers Academy HS (NY)
50th Round - Chad Jones, OF, Louisiana State University

Feel free to post updates or rumors as the August 16th deadline gets closer.