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The Weekend Mug

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Some things to read while not getting anything else done the rest of the day.

It's been a nice little weekend for the Brewers against the Astros as they won Friday night via a Prince Fielder walk-off single, completing a four run ninth inning.  Dave Bush threw a season high 119 pitches--also his third highest career pitch count.  The Crew then won Saturday night 5-2, a game that featured a lead-off Rickie Weeks inside the park homerun.  In addition to that, Trevor Hoffman reached save number 597 after he came in for the ninth with a three run lead and Ken Macha got his 500th managerial win

After coming one save closer to 600, Trevor Hoffman made sure that it was known John Axford is the Brewers closer.

The Brewers than completed the weekend Sweep of Houston earlier today with nice games by Yovani Gallardo (who, as of yesterday, led the majors in K/9) and Lorenzo Cain.

Speaking of Cain, who was recalled after Carlos Gomez was placed on the DL following his concussion, it appears that he will be given the opportunity to have consistent playing time while in the Majors, which I think most people on this site would be in favor of.  So far he has started two of three games since returning to Milwaukee.  Meanwhile, Brewers Daily makes the case that the Brewers should name Lorenzo Cain the starter in center field the rest of the season and beyond, even after Gomez comes off the DL.

A bunch of bullet-pointed stuff because I like how it looks this way:

In the Minors:

Around the Majors:

Angels:  Torii Hunter was suspended four games for bumping an umpire
Astros:  Released Brad Thompson
Cubs:  Carlos Silva will undergo heart catheterization
:  Acquired Tyler Skaggs from the Angels to complete the Dan Haren trade
Dodgers:  DFA'd Garret Anderson
Indians:  Called up Michael Brantley
:  Chris Coghlan will likely miss the rest of the season due to knee surgery
Mets:  Released Alex Cora
Pirates:  Traded Brian Bixler to the Nationals for cash
Rays:  Placed Carlos Pena on the 15 day DL
Red Sox:  Signed Carlos Delgado to a minor league deal

In the ongoing crusade against performance enhancing drugs, MLB suspended six players 50 games each on Friday--one from the Mets, one from the Athletics, three from the Astros and one free agent pitcher.

Next time we play the Pirates, we won't be seeing Dave Kerwin at all as the Pirates fired Joe Kerrigan today.  (h/t Brewerfan)

John Axford's mustache has become the stuff of legend around Milwaukee, but Nationals reliever Collin Balester had sported quite the 'stache himself.  It once looked like a mighty caterpillar slowly ambling along his upper lip, but alas, it is now gone.  So it goes.

That's all for me this weekend, unless you want to know what not to do if you catch a free hotdog.