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9.16 Frosty Mug: The Dave Bush Experience Edition

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So I put my hands up, They're playing my song, And the butterflys fly away, Noddin' my head like yeah, Moving my hips like yeah (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
So I put my hands up, They're playing my song, And the butterflys fly away, Noddin' my head like yeah, Moving my hips like yeah (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Some things to read instead of making a creepy cheerleader video.

Your Rebel leader here. I'm going to provide some reading material to keep you entertained for the day. I do this every Monday over at Anonymous Eagle, but I don't do it very well.  Kyle and I hung out this past weekend at this event in Milwaukee. Good times.

Hey Cheeseandcorn - When are we going to watch a Nebraska game?

Nullacct - please make a photoshop in the comments. I'll be sad if you don't.

For those who aren't familiar with my work, it's pretty simple: pop culture first, sports second. Here we go:

Cereal made of nothing but Marshmallows? Consider me in heaven. (h/t Jimmy Traina)
Season 1 of Community comes out on DVD Tuesday. Buy it.
Does anybody else think this is going to be Rubie Q in 10 years?
No way this happens if he isn't bringing in the cash.
The I Like Turtles kid is all grown up.
A Hootie & The Blowfish statue? They haven't been relevant in 15 years.

Oh, the Brewers? They gave us free baseball yesterday. Yeah, they um...oh hey, wait a minute, Dave Bush didn't implode in the 6th inning? He decided to do that in the 5th instead? How nice of him. Here's a Gmail chat between tomorrow's fill-in Mugger and me from yesterday during the game:

Ackbar: I was pre-writing my post for tomorrow morning. I have to edit what I wrote about Dave Bush.
He was one pitch away.
Ackbar: He always is
RubieQ: The spirit of Ned is strong in him.

The Dave Bush Experience was in full effect. I used to really like Bush, but I won't miss him next year. Brewers Bar says Bush is toast. Kudos to fill-in game recapper Rachel, for her, um, recap. Also check out her blog.

How unimportant are the Astros in Houston right now? Let's play find the game recap at the Houston Chronicle. Good luck!

The Brewers next opponent is coming off a 2-1 win over the Dodgers and are only .5 games out of first in the NL West and the Wild Card. In other words, they have something to play for.

Bernie's Crew looks at Hindsight and Daniel Hudson.
A Maine newspaper looks at the Heady times for Mark Rogers.

The Brewers announced yesterday that they are extending their affiliation with the Nashville Sounds for another two seasons. I remember hearing horror stories about Nashville from players. When Brad Nelson was up during the playoff run in 2008, he talked about how the Sounds team would travel to the Titans stadium to shower after the game because the locker room was in such disrepair. Not sure what upgrades have been made since then, but I'm not sure they are that much better.

Huntsville is also in need of some major upgrades. The Brewers have a laundry list of demands.

The Mrs. and I always try to do one Brewers road trip a year. We've done Kansas City (saw Chris Barnwell play!), Boston, St. Louis, and D.C. This year we're waiting until the last minute and we're heading to Cinci for the Brewers final series of the year. What road trips are you doing next season?

Lastly, kudos to the Brewers players that got September call ups. Most of those guys went from making roughly $3K a month to making $3K a day. Which also explains why signing bonuses keep going up.

Happy Birthday to Brewers Hall of Famer, Robin Yount. Former Brewer Bronswell Patrick was also born today. Not sure if I missed any others.

So today's topic is this: Brewers rotation for next season looks like this:

1. Gallardo
2. Wolf
3. Narveson

Who fills the 4 & 5 spots? Will Dougie sign another mediocre veteran?

Around MLB:
The Rays are back in first place.
In Pittsburgh, they can't wait until the season is over.
The less chubby Matt Stairs is still doing it.
Yankees fans have questionable character? I'm shocked.

Other sports related links:
Reading about this injury will make you squirm.
Minnesota Timberwolves have already given up. Before camp has even started.

I always close with a music video and I normally try to weave in baseball somehow. Today, I'm pulling a Drew Magary. (Dear Milwaukee concert venues: please book Justin Roberts for a concert)

Hope I didn't annoy anyone today, I'm off to find a Bookmobile Submarine.

Drink heavily my friends.