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Series Preview: Seeing Red(s)

Once again, the Reds come to Milwaukee. 

This isn't the last time that we'll be seeing them, as our beloved beer makers last series this season will see them take a trip out to Great American Ballpark.  Barring a grand collapse, the Reds are pretty much assured to make the playoffs as the NL Central Champions.  They are currently six games ahead of the St. Louis Cardinals which is nice because I like the Reds and don't like the Cardinals, which I think is fairly representative of most of this blogs readership. 

The Reds have one of the better road records in the league this year.  Thus far, they are 39-36 when traveling, including 2-1 at Miller Park. 

Scott Rolen has been worth

Here are some nice stats about the Reds:

Current Record: 84-65 (First in NL Central)
Runs Scored: 738
Runs Allowed: 638
Best Batting Average:
Best OBP:
Best SLG:
Most HR:
Most RBI:

Best offensive player in the NL: Joey Votto
Most Strikeouts (Pitcher): Johnny Cueto (132)
Most Walks (Pitcher): Bronson Arroyo (59)
Best ERA: Arthur Rhodes (2.05)
Best FIP: Aroldis Chapman (1.40)
Best WAR (hitter): Votto (6.8)
Best WAR (pitcher): Cueto (2.8)

Currently, Joey Votto is second in WAR in the National League to the Nationals' Ryan Zimmerman, who is sitting at 7.2.