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Brewers 2, Reds 5

W: Nick Masset (4-4)
L: Kameron Loe (3-5)
SV: Francisco Cordero (37)

HR: Drew Stubbs (20), Joey Votto (35), Scott Rolen (20)

MVP: Rickie Weeks (+.139)
LVP: Kameron Loe (-.321)

SBNation Coverage
A very sad graph

You know, its common sense that if a person is overworked they will generally become tired and less effective.

But apparently this concept has not yet clicked in Ken Macha's mind, because he used Kameron Loe again tonight. And after Chris Capuano pitched 6 solid innings, allowing only 2 runs, Loe came in and gave up 3 ER on 2 homers, spoiling what was a mildly interesting game.

Both of the Brewers runs came courtesy of Ryan Braun, who grounded out in the third to drive in Rickie Weeks and doubled in the fifth to drive in Weeks again.

The Reds magic number is down to 6, which is good.