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Brewers 8, Marlins 3

W: Yovani Gallardo (14-7)
L: Anibal Sanchez (12-11)

HR: Corey Hart (30), Rickie Weeks (28), Prince Fielder (31)

MVP: Yovani Gallardo (.268, as pitcher)
LVP: Lorenzo Cain (-.101)

Win Probability Graph and Star of the Game voting
SBNation coverage

The Brewers pulled off another homer-filled win tonight. Weeks and Fielder hit back-to-back home runs in the 7th inning off Sandy Rosario, who at least now has a major league debut to remember. Sadly, home runs were not the only thing hit tonight; left fielder Mat Gamel was removed in the 6th inning after being hit by an Anibal Sanchez pitch.

Yovani Gallardo proved his small sample size wrong tonight by striking out 9 Marlins in 6.2 innings. These Fish do indeed bite.