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Cardinals 4, Brewers 3: Tonight's Turning Points

Hopefully these won't be our lasting memories from this series.

1) Mark Kotsay's third inning home run: +.104 WPA (Video)

Mark Kotsay helped dig the Brewers a big early hole tonight, but he also helped dig them out of it a bit with this solo home run that brought the Brewers back within a run at 4-3.

2) Jon Jay's first inning double to left center: -.095 WPA (Video)

This is the ball that Kotsay probably should have caught: He made a diving attempt and missed, allowing Rafael Furcal to score.

3) Yovani Gallardo gets Jon Jay to ground into a double play in the fourth: +.090 WPA (Video)

The first two Cardinals to bat in the fourth inning reached, as Chris Carpenter singled and Rafael Furcal walked. Yovani Gallardo took a key step forward in the inning by getting Jay to ground into a double play, though, and got out of the inning two batters later when Matt Holliday struck out.

4) Prince Fielder's third inning double play: -.087 WPA (Video)

After Mark Kotsay hit a home run to bring the Brewers back within a run, Ryan Braun singled to bring up Prince Fielder with a runner on first and still only one out. Fielder grounded into a double play, however, effectively ending the threat.

5) Prince Fielder's fly out/Mark Kotsay picked off second: -.085 WPA (Video)

Mark Kotsay drew a first inning walk with one out and was advanced to second when Ryan Braun was hit by a pitch, but got too far off second and was picked off in an ugly play after Prince Fielder's fly out to end the inning.