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Stat Of The Night: The Defense Rests (Or Fails)

Zack Greinke had a rough night tonight, but the defense behind him played a huge part in it. The Brewers committed three errors while Greinke was on the mound, leading to three of Greinke's five runs being unearned. 

By allowing three unearned runs tonight, Greinke tied a Brewer postseason record:

Pitcher Season Series Game ER R Difference
Zack Greinke 2011 NLCS 5 5 2 3
Yovani Gallardo 2008 NLDS 1 3 0 3
Don Sutton 1982 WS 6 7 5 2
Doc Medich 1982 WS 6 6 4 2
Pete Vuckovich 1982 WS 3 6 4 2

If the Brewers can win at home Sunday and Monday, Greinke is almost certainly going to be the starting pitcher in Game 1 of the World Series on Wednesday. If they can't, then this is his final and best start in what has to be considered a pretty disappointing postseason performance.

All told the Brewers committed four errors tonight, coming one shy of tying an NLCS record.