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Cardinals 7, Brewers 1: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

You're still planning on starting Shaun Marcum in Game 6?


You don't want to use Yovani Gallardo on short rest?

Yeah, I'm not going to bring Yovani back.

On being unable to overcome poor defense

No, we weren't. We still had some opportunities to score offensively even though we gave up the runs for Zack. (If) We put the ball in play a couple of times, score two runs when we have a runner on third and less than two outs and it's a 5-3 game. So I still would've felt good there. We had opportunities with people on base, we swung the bat ok today. But defensively, yeah, we gave up some runs. 

On Zack Greinke:

Yeah, Zack threw the ball well. I know he didn't get the strikeouts but he still only should've given up one run if we make the plays for him. So I like the way he threw it, his fastball was good today. His breaking ball, he couldn't get it down in the dirt when he wanted to get one down he couldn't bounce it and that hurt him, but I thought he threw the ball well.

Explain tonight's defense:

It's definitely not focus. When you're playing a game like this you're going to be focused. You know, Jerry Hairston makes a great diving play on the one before and then he lets one get through his legs: That's certainly not typical for him. Rickie had some plays that I'm sure he's disappointed he didn't make. But that hurt. You give these guys extra outs and they're going to hurt you.

On the team's tendency to bounce back after tough losses:

I'm sure we're going to come out and play a good game. These games, we do have them once in a while. We had one a couple of days ago. Hopefully we come back out and I'm confident that we will play a good game on Sunday.

Does winning back to back games seem more daunting now?

No, I have a lot of confidence in our guys, they have a lot of confidence at home. We can win two ball games at home. We're going to have to play a lot better baseball than what we played here. Yesterday I thought we played a great ball game: Clean, we did a lot of things well. The other two games, no. So we can't play games like that and beat this team two games in a row.

On how he determines when to shift on Albert Pujols:

Yeah, we match up. We're not overshifted on everybody with him. It just depends on what we have out there, what we see in the spray charts, and his percentages. He's going to beat us once in a while in the shift but it's worked ok so far.

Is it puzzling to follow last night's performance with tonight's struggles? It doesn't add up.

No, they don't. During the season we haven't had games where two out of three we've played like this. We haven't done it. But I'm confident we'll come out and play hopefully two good games.