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Poll: Who's Your Clutch Brewer?

I feel like we've already discussed most of tonight's storylines at length, so here's something else to ponder/discuss as we get ready for the game.

Let's say the Brewers head to the bottom of the ninth tonight, trailing 4-3. The first two batters go down in order but the third is Ryan Braun, who strokes a single up the middle to extend the game. Prince Fielder is due up next, and he incites the following call from Bob Uecker:

Here's the pitch...Fielder with a drive to right center! GET UP! It's off the wall!

Ryan Braun is rounding third and HE FALLS DOWN! He crawls back to the bag and beats the throw. Brauny is kicking himself for not scoring on that one, but the Brewers have two on with two out, and now it's up to...

So to recap, here's the situation: With two outs in the bottom of the ninth the Brewers trail by one run. Ryan Braun is on third and Prince Fielder is on second. A hit likely wins the game. If you could send any Brewer on the postseason roster to the plate in this situation, who would it be?