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Thanks For A Great Season!

Like me, these Racing Sausages need a good night's sleep.
Like me, these Racing Sausages need a good night's sleep.

Before things get started today, I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who's played a part, large or small, in an incredible 2011 season here at BCB.

Counting spring training and the playoffs we covered 205 games this year, starting with a split of a split squad doubleheader on February 28 in Arizona and running all the way through last night's season finale at Miller Park.

We've been through a lot of highs and lows this season, from early struggles and injury woes through the hottest month in Brewer history and the longest playoff run in nearly 30 years. We've covered first times, last times and only times and we've done it in front of our largest audience ever: Roughly 986,000 visitors have come to the site since March 1, compared to about 680,000 last season.

I don't say this as often as I should: I'm really fortunate to have this venue to write about the Brewers every day. The SB Nation platform is second to none and, while things get out of hand from time to time, I'm really proud of the community we've been able to develop here to come together and discuss this team. I'm also exceptionally lucky to have a talented collection of site moderators and contributors: I don't know what I'd do without the mental breaks you guys give me, and your voices bring a diversity of opinion to the site that I'd never be able to provide on my own.

Of course, without readers and commenters we'd all just be sitting here talking to ourselves. Thanks to all of you for making BCB a part of your day, however large or small. I take a lot of pride in the volume and variety of content we produce each day here, and I hope you're enjoying it. I also enjoy the opportunity to talk Brewers (and/or wander off topic) every day with many of you. I'm starting to lose count of the volume of friendships I've developed based on my work here, and I continue to meet new cool people all the time.

Moving forward, this is the time of year where I remind you that BCB does not have an offseason. While the 2011 Brewers wrapped up their season last night, our coverage here continues (mostly) uninterrupted and will do so through the winter. If you've been here during past offseasons you'll likely remember some of the weekly/daily features that we're bringing back for another season, and hopefully you'll also enjoy some of the new stuff that we're putting together. As always, the Frosty Mug will continue to run each weekday. There's not always a lot to discuss during the winter, but I always manage to find something.

With that said, I'm writing this post at 12:51 am and really looking forward to a good, long night's sleep. I didn't set an alarm for this morning, so today's Frosty Mug will probably be a little late.

Thanks again for everything you do, and thanks in advance for continuing to be a part of our community as we build toward an even better year in 2012.