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Stat Of The Night: Saito The Senior

Takashi Saito pitched his scoreless inning at the perfect time tonight: He retired three batters in the top of the sixth and was the pitcher of record when the Brewers scored five runs in the bottom half, earning the victory.

Saito entered the game today 41 years and 230 days old. As you might expect, he's far and away the oldest pitcher to win a game in Brewer postseason history:

Pitcher Season Series Game Age
Takashi Saito 2011 NLDS 2 41 years, 230 days
Don Sutton 1982 ALCS 3 37 years, 189 days
Mike Caldwell 1982 WS 5 33 years, 268 days
Mike Caldwell 1982 WS 1 33 years, 263 days
Jim Slaton 1982 WS 4 32 years, 119 days

Perhaps more notable, however, is this: Saito is the oldest pitcher to win a playoff game in either league since Kenny Rogers of the Tigers did it in 2006. Since 1990, only five pitchers older than Saito have won a postseason contest:

Pitcher Team Season Series Game Age
Dennis Martinez Braves 1998 NLCS 4 43 years, 150 days
Roger Clemens Astros 2005 NLCS 3 43 years, 72 days*
Rick Honeycutt Cardinals 1996 NLDS 2 42 years, 96 days
Dennis Eckersley Cardinals 1996 NLCS 4 42 years, 10 days
Kenny Rogers Tigers 2006 WS 2 41 years, 346 days**

* - This is the last of four for Clemens.
** - This is the last of three for Rogers.