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Thursday's Frosty Mug

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Some things to read while doing what's right, for the good of mankind.

Wrap-up work on the 2011 season continued yesterday, as Doug Melvin held his end-of-season press conference. John Steinmiller has a collection of quotes from the Brewer GM, who mentioned the following:

One topic that didn't appear to come up was Prince Fielder: Colin Fly of the AP says he declined to answer questions on the free agent-to-be.

Melvin also sat down to talk with Peter Gammons of MLB Network yesterday. You can see the video of their conversation here.

Offseason previews continue today: Nick Prill of The Brewers Bar has a look at what the Brewers need to do this winter.

Prince Fielder is unlikely to win the NL MVP award, so I guess he'll have to settle for this as a consolation prize: He's currently leading the voting by 5% in the race to be named Dayn Perry's "Good, Round Friend." Here's today's collection of notes on his free agency:

  • Colin Fly says the Brewers really can't afford to re-sign Fielder unless they make significant moves to dump payroll or raise the budget over $100 million. Rickie Weeks' 2012 raise is almost $7 million.
  • Roch Kubatko of MASN doesn't think the Orioles will be serious candidates to sign him.
  • Don Mattingly says the Dodgers need a big bat, but doubts they'll be in the market for one.
  • Venom Strikes says the Diamondbacks also should not be interested.

Elsewhere in players likely to be looking for a new home this winter: Yuniesky Betancourt made McCovey Chronicles' list of 2011's scariest free agents.

Craig Counsell is also going to be a free agent, but will likely retire. Todd Rosiak suggests the Brewers would love it if he remained part of the organization in a coaching or front office role.

Yovani Gallardo has been pitching in a key role for the Brewers for a while now, so we sometimes forget he's still pretty young. Royals Review listed him 14th on their list of the top 60 major leaguers under age 26.

Ron Roenicke took a lot of heat last week for the decision to start Mark Kotsay in center field (and deservedly so), but this is worth noting: Even after Mike Napoli's two run shot last night. Kotsay is still one of just three visiting players to hit a home run in St. Louis this postseason.

Meanwhile, it sounds like Cory Provus is still taking the loss pretty hard. Over at Big League Stew, Miller Park Drunk wrote the Brewers' detention lecture.

In the minors:

If you've seen a copy of yesterday's Journal Sentinel, then you already know that the Brewers took out a full page ad to thank fans for their support this season.

Around baseball:

Yankees: The team plans to decline pitcher Damaso Marte's club option for 2012.

I only caught a couple of innings of last night's World Series game, so I missed this the first time: If you're a Cardinals fan looking to troll on national television, you should probably know that Nyjer is spelled with a J (FanShot).

Today in former Brewers: Former Brewer Sean Berry and former Brewer hitting coach Butch Wynegar are on the list of five candidates that have interviewed for the Padres' hitting coach vacancy.

Looking for a fun offseason hobby? You could always start making pie charts. Seems to be working for Carson Cistulli.

Looking for a job for next summer? Major League Baseball is looking for applicants to spend the 2012 season in the MLB Fan Cave.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to draw the line.

Drink up.