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Friday's Frosty Mug

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Some things to read while drinking the props.

I guess you could make the case that this is already true now, but in a few months it will likely be even more true: Tyler Lockman of FS Wisconsin says the Brewers will become Ryan Braun's team if Prince Fielder decides to depart via free agency this winter.

Award season is starting to get underway, and this one might be bad news for Braun: Matt Kemp of the Dodgers won the Hank Aaron Award, presented to the league's top offensive performer. The Aaron Award winner has gone on to be NL MVP in each of the last two seasons and three of the last five.

Elsewhere in bad news: Ron Roenicke's widely criticized postseason decisions continue to draw fire. This week's BCB Tracking Poll shows that 84% of voters gave him an A or B for his performance during the regular season, but just 22% graded him that high during the playoffs. The vast majority of voters still think he should return for 2012, though.

Meanwhile, here's a collection of notes on Prince Fielder:

  • Nationals GM Mike Rizzo told reporters "we feel pretty comfortable with the first base situation as it is." He doesn't sound like someone interested in handing out a big deal to Fielder.
  • Everyone loves thirdhand speculation, right? A post at Royals Review that may or may not have come from someone who knows someone with potential inside knowledge suggested the Royals could be interested in Fielder.
  • Reviewing the Brew handicaps Fielder's options.
  • Fielder was spotted eating a rack of ribs in St. Louis last week. It's been somewhat known but largely unreported for a while now that he's no longer a vegetarian.

If the Brewers do lose Fielder this winter, there will be a percentage of Brewer fans that will want them to try to respond by signing Jose Reyes. MetsBlog is listing the Brewers as one of Reyes' four "potential strong pursuers," but I have a hard time believing they'd be willing to top the four year deal the Mets are expected to offer.

Unless something changes, we'll probably have this debate once or twice this winter and again next spring: Jim Breen of Bernie's Crew wonders if Zack Greinke or Yovani Gallardo is the Brewers' ace.

Looking back, Miller Park Drunk has a look at how several Brewers might be handling the sudden end to their season. Meanwhile, John Axford posted a picture of the UHaul he's using to take his stuff home.

Apparently Taylor Green is spending some time on vacation in Florida before heading home for the winter. Mario Annichiarico of the Montreal Gazette has a profile of the first-year Brewer.

All things considered, this might be yesterday's biggest story: Jed Bradley pitched a scoreless sixth inning yesterday in the AFL in his professional debut. Elsewhere in the minors:

  • Scooter Gennett had three hits for the second straight game, but Cody Scarpetta allowed seven runs in the first inning of Peoria's 10-9 loss to Phoenix. You know that and more if you've read today's Winter League Notes.
  • Keith Law, by the way, says Scarpetta's most likely long term role is in the bullpen.
  • Seedlings to Stars continues to build their list of the top 100 prospects for 2012, and ranked Tyler Thornburg #78. Thornburg posted a 2.57 ERA and struck out 160 in 136.2 innings between Wisconsin and Brevard County this season before making a brief AFL appearance.
  • Meanwhile, Huntsville pitcher Rob Wooten has what appears to be a Roomba for his pool.

Here's another reminder that winning is good for business: Brewer TV ratings were up 63% this season, and their 7.9 average was the third highest in all of baseball. Only the Phillies (9.7) and Cardinals (8.9) were better.

The Brewers made a minor transaction yesterday, promoting AAA trainer Dave Yeager to the major league staff. He'll serve as an assistant to Dan Wright, who was recently named the Brewers' head trainer.

If you'd like more Brewer content today but you're sick of reading, the View From Bernie's Chalet Podcast is up. This week's edition recaps the NLCS and features an early look ahead to 2012.

Around baseball:

Cubs: Are expected to name former Red Sox GM Theo Epstein and former Padres GM Jed Hoyer their new team president and GM, once compensation details are worked out.
: Outrighted third baseman Sean Burroughs, pitcher Alberto Castillo and catcher Robby Hammock off their 40 man roster. All three will be free agents.
Mets: Released pitcher Ryota Igarashi.

As we've mentioned previously, yesterday was the 29th anniversary of Game 7 of the 1982 World Series. wrapped up their season with a recap of the game and quotes from both clubhouses afterwards.

Meanwhile, the current World Series continues. If you watched last night's game you might have seen this Fox graphic depicting the Royals as playing their home games in Kansas.

I'm not sure how Joe Posnanski does it, but every now and then he completely sucks me in with a story about something that shouldn't be this interesting. His latest example: Here's a few thousand words on getting lost and almost running out of gas in southwestern Iowa.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to saying "awwwwwww!"

Drink up.