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Today In Brewer History: Farewell, American Association Brewers

On this day 120 years ago, a brief era in Milwaukee baseball history game to an end. With an 8-4 victory over the Columbus Solons, the 1891 Milwaukee Brewers wrapped up their first and only season as a member of the American Association.

The win improved the Brewers' record to 21-15, good for third place in the nine team league. Here are the final standings:

Team Wins Losses
Boston Reds 93 42
St. Louis Browns 85 51
Baltimore Orioles 71 64
Philadelphia Athletics 73 66
Milwaukee Brewers 21 15
Cincinnati Kelly's Killers 43 57
Columbus Solons 61 76
Louisville Colonels 54 83
Washington Statesmen 44 91

The Brewers appear to have replaced the Kelly's Killers on August 18 of that season, which is why they played just 36 games. Both teams, however, are listed separately in the standings. The Brewers were led by first baseman John Carney, who hit .300/.389/.464 in his final major league season, and pitchers George Davies, Frank Killen and Frank Dwyer, who combined to work all but 25 of the team's 309.1 innings.

This was the American Association's final season as a major league.

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