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How Should The Brewers Use Zack Greinke In Game 5?

The Brewers have an interesting decision to make regarding Zack Greinke. He's not going to start tomorrow night's game, but he is on normal rest and could potentially be available out of the bullpen if needed.

The bullpen isn't exactly new territory for Greinke: He's made 41 relief appearances over the course of his career, but none since 2007. That season he pitched in 38 games as a non-starter and posted a 3.54 ERA over 53.1 innings. With that said, those innings came over four years ago.

If the Brewers win tomorrow night, Greinke is almost certainly the scheduled starter for Sunday's NLCS Game 1. Pitching in relief could potentially preclude him from making that start, especially if he has to go multiple innings.

The Brewer bullpen in its current form is likely in a good position to protect a lead or a tie game in the late innings, so they probably wouldn't need Greinke's help there. But if a long relief situation came up, Greinke might be a better bet to be successful than someone like Chris Narveson or Marco Estrada.

So what do you think? Should Zack Greinke be available to pitch tomorrow night?