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Stat Of The Night: Nyjer Morgan And Postseason Moments

It's a little bit hard to believe, but Nyjer Morgan's +.374 WPA tonight actually wasn't the best postseason performance by a position player in Brewer history. Here's the new top five:

Player Season Series Game WPA
Ted Simmons 1981 ALDS 3 +.416
Nyjer Morgan 2011 NLDS 5 +.374
Cecil Cooper 1982 ALCS 5 +.323
Paul Molitor 1981 ALDS 3 +.319
Robin Yount 1982 WS 5 +.303

Simmons' performance is one we don't frequently talk about, but it was really pretty incredible. With the Brewers facing elimination against the Yankees, Simmons hit a two run homer in the seventh inning to give the Crew a 2-1 lead. The Brewers blew that lead in the bottom of the inning, so they had to come back again in the top of the eighth. Simmons' double in that inning gave them a two run lead they would not relinquish.

Cooper's big game, of course, needs no introduction. In a game that will likely be compared to tonight's for years to come, Cooper hit a bases loaded single in the seventh inning to drive home the game tying and eventual winning run.