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Around the Playoffs: Ahhctober 8 Edition

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Nyjer Morgan. (Picture taken half an hour ago)
Nyjer Morgan. (Picture taken half an hour ago)

News and Notes:

If you're looking for news on the upcoming Detroit-Texas ALCS, look no further than the Dallas Morning News, who have a whole lot of links for anything you would want or need.

No matter how the postseason plays out, the Cardinals coaching staff may change in 2012.  Key among the potential changes is pitching coach Dave Duncan possibly leaving after this year.  Earlier in the season, Duncan had been adamant about serving the remainder of his contract that runs through next season.  However, with he and his family learning about his wife's brain malignancy, Duncan is only saying that nothing is set in stone. 

The St. Louis Post Dispatch and have their own look back at 1982 as the Cardinals and Brewers prepare to face off in the playoffs for the first time since that season.  

The Phillies and Diamondbacks were both eliminated yesterday, and it's interesting to note how their news sources are reacting.  While the Philadelphia Inquirer was looking for someone to blame for the Phillies losing--and saying "[Ryan] Howard will be the poster boy for failure"--the Arizona Republic has the headline "The 2011 Diamondbacks Have a Permanent Home in Arizona's Heart".  Also noted in the Phillies article is that Howard's 5 year, $125MM contract extension kicks in next year.  Have fun with that one, Philadelphia.

Yesterday's Games:


Chris Carpenter outdueled Roy Halladay as the Cardinals beat the Phillies 1-0.  Roy Halladay did just about everything he could, going eight innings and striking out seven batters, while Albert Pujols, Matt Holliday and Lance Berkman combined to go 0-10 with a walk.  But, in the first inning, Skip Schumaker double in Rafael Furcal for the first (and only) run of the game.  It was all Chris Carpenter needed as he pitched nine three-hit innings.  He struck out three and walked none.  It was a fantastically pitched game from both sides, but Carpenter was that much better.

Playoff Standings:

  • Detroit 3, New York 2.
  • Texas 3, Tampa 1.
  • Milwaukee 3, Arizona 2.
  • St. Louis 3, Philadelphia 2.
  • Milwaukee 0, St. Louis 0
  • Texas 0, Detroit 0

Today's Matchups:

The ALCS gets underway today.  Justin Verlander (1-0, 5.00 playoffs; 24-5, 2.40 regular season) gets the stat for Detroit, who will face off against the Rangers and CJ Wilson (0-1, 10.80; 16-7, 2.94)