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Brewers 9, Cardinals 6: Ron Roenicke's Postgame Comments

As seen on FS Wisconsin:

Did the big inning impact the decision to leave Zack Greinke in?

Well, I don't know if we would have. We thought Zack was still throwing the ball good. It was really just the hanging curveball is the pitch he got hurt on. Other than that they really didn't hit the ball that hard off of him. Even the first inning, Pujols jam shot over second, ground ball, Holliday jam shot between first and second to score that run. So I thought he threw the ball well today.

Has he ever seen Ryan Braun and Prince Fielder turn a game around like they did today?

That was a nice inning there. It was nice, Brauny in the first inning with the two run homer, but to score like we did there, that's outstanding. Corey starting it off and Brauny, big double there, drive in two, followed right behind it with the Prince homer, and then we got a little break there with Rickie getting on base and Yuni, outstanding at bat. We got nobody out, he's fouling off pitches, I don't know how many pitches he had in that at bat but great job, and got a breaking ball up and was able to drive it out of the park. But I thought that was one of the best at bats he's had this year.

On Greinke and walks:

Walks hurt him. The first inning walk to (Jon) Jay hurt him, that's why they scored the run. And then the walk to Molina there before the homer, that's a bad walk. We've got to be able to get the guys out, not neccesarily out but you don't want to put him on with a free pass. That ended up hurting him also, and that's not like Zack, usually he doesn't walk too many guys. But I still like the way he threw the ball, fastball command was very good, and I thought the breaking balls he kept down in the zone except the one to Freese. That's just a first pitch hanger and he squared it up, and it was able to carry out of here.

Is the team more confident with Zack Greinke pitching at home?

Yeah, I can't explain it. I don't know why that happens. Usually it's because he threw a good game and the run totals down so much on their end. Today wasn't that case, and maybe one other game this year where he gave up some runs and we still scored enough to win the ball game. But you can't explain why that happens, maybe there's a confidence factor to help us when Zack goes out there that we're going to get a win here, but I think you can't explain it.

On Fielder's diving defensive play: 

Yeah, outstanding. When you see Prince laying out for a ball, that's nice to see. And Zack's always going to be over there, he's really good at getting to first base. So that was a big play.

What's his take on Yuniesky Betancourt?

Yuni's a little inconsistent sometimes with his ABs, sometimes you get frustrated with him with the first pitch outs, but he can turn it around and when he's hot for two months he's swinging the bat great for us, two months in a row. And I think that Yuni, when he gets in those little streaks he's going to give you a nice at bat. And it isn't just the chasing of pitches that gets him out of the zone, but when you start fouling off balls and I thought they made some good pitches on him in the one at bat and he's able to hang in there long enough where he gets a mistake. I wish he could do it all the time, I wish everybody could do it all the time but that's not baseball.

Was the ball carrying better with the roof and panels open?

No I don't really know. The ball Freese hit, when it was hit I didn't think it was going be a home run but he squared it up. And it got up there and kept going. I don't know if there's a difference, but it seemed like the ball was carrying pretty good today.

On Takashi Saito's double play in the seventh:

Yeah, I think we're three runs up there, you certainly don't want him to drive the ball somewhere. He hits it on the ground and they score another run but we get two outs, that was a big play for us. Saito came in and I thought made good quality pitches. He had a tough job in their lineup where he came into. That's always a tough spot to decide who we bring in to get through those two guys.

How loud was it in the fifth?

You're right, it's still pretty loud in there. I don't know if I even heard the ball come off Prince's bat. I knew it was a good swing and the ball came off nice but when you can't hear the ball, the sound of it because of all the people yelling, I wasn't sure what was going to happen there until I saw the ball in flight. But again, these people, they love their team, they've been behind us and you can certainly hear that. Especially when we've got some offense going and you've got guys running around, they get pretty loud.