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Brewers 9, Cardinals 6: Today's Turning Points

A big day today. Here are the key moments:

1) David Freese's fourth inning home run: -.298 WPA (Video)

I'm glad this moment isn't my lasting memory from this game. With two on and one out in the fourth, Zack Greinke hung a first pitch curveball to Freese and he hit what looked like a routine fly ball but just kept going.

2) Prince Fielder's fifth inning home run: +.212 WPA (Video)

One pitch after Ryan Braun's ground rule double brought the Brewers within a run, Prince Fielder crushed a long home run to right to give the Brewers the lead.

3) Ryan Braun's first inning home run: +.185 WPA (Video)

The Brewers gave up a run in the top of the first but retook the lead when Ryan Braun hit the first pitch to the Harley Davidson Deck in left center to score two runs.

4) Ryan Braun's fifth inning ground rule double: +.150 WPA (Video)

Having Lance Berkman in right probably impacted this play a bit, but Braun's fly ball to right dropped by the foul line and bounced out of play to score Corey Hart and Jerry Hairston Jr and bring the Brewers back within a run at 5-4.

5) Jerry Hairston Jr's fifth inning double: +.127 WPA

Hairston was the second of six straight Brewers to reach base in the fifth inning, and his double to left put runners on second and third for Ryan Braun.

Just for fun, here are the next five:

6) Albert Pujols' seventh inning double play: +.123 WPA (Video)
7) Yuniesky Betancourt's fifth inning home run: +.119 WPA (Video)
8) Jon Jay's seventh inning single: -.103 WPA
9) Matt Holliday's first inning single: -.101 WPA
10) Lance Berkman's fifth inning single: -.079 WPA (Video)