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Today In Brewer History: Farewell, Ed Sedar?

On this day one year ago, the Brewers said farewell to a longtime organizational mainstay. Ed Sedar, who had been the team's first base coach since 2007 and had worked within the organization since 1992, accepted a job with the Astros as their minor league outfield/baserunning instructor. The Brewers had yet to guarantee Sedar a job for 2011 (the search for a new manager was still ongoing), so he moved on to another opportunity.

With that said, Sedar was only an Astro for ten days. On November 11 the Brewers re-hired him for a to-be-determined role on the coaching staff which later turned out to be third base coach.

Perhaps the strangest part of the Sedar saga is this: He was one of two hirings the Astros announced on this day. The other was Rick Kranitz, who the Brewers also hired away shortly thereafter. So Sedar and Kranitz went from minor league jobs with a team that lost 106 games to major league roles on a team that won 96. That's a pretty nice change.

With help from the B-Ref Play Index, happy birthday today to Seattle Pilot Dick Baney. He turns 65.