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Brew Crew Ball Book Club: The First Assignment

Hopefully everyone has had a chance to procure "The Extra 2%" by Jonah Keri. Let's go ahead and get started with our  book club. The book is 12 chapters, so I'm thinking we'll split it into four, three chapter portions. That's 62 pages to read by next week.

Then we'll meet here next Tuesday night at 7 pm CST to talk about what we read.

The book club thus far is in its infancy and we're just trying to figure out ways to make it work, so if any of the above doesn't make sense to you or you have suggestions, please pass them along. We want the book club to something you enjoy and come back for, so we want it to meet your specifications - more pages or less pages each time? Different meeting time? Different format? Tell us what you think.

See everybody next Tuesday after having read Chapters 1-3!