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Lesser Brewers: Taylor Green

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Taylor Green appeared in just 20 games this season, so the story on him is probably that it wasn't more. As Casey McGehee's struggles lasted later and later into the season, many readers were calling for a Taylor Green call up. He was hitting extremely well in Nashville and folks were getting might antsy with Casey's lack of production.

Green finally received the promotion on August 26.

At that point, McGehee was hitting.241/.294/.356 with 10 home runs while Green, at Triple-A Nashville, was hitting .335/.413/.575 with 21 home runs.

Of course, that didn't seem to matter. McGehee still started 17 games in September and October, while Green started just seven. Jerry Hairston, Jr. got the starts down the stretch and Taylor Green was left to rot on the bench.

He ended up with 10 hits over 37 at-bats. Worries about whether his production would carry over to the majors were basically put to rest when he started the season getting six hits in his first six games - just the second Brewer to ever do that.

Green did get a post-season roster spot over Josh Wilson, something many didn't believe would be the case when the call up with made. He had two post-season PH at-bats and was also inserted as a defensive replacement in the ninth inning in game 2 of the NLCS.

Green became the first Brewer ever to be named the Brewers Minor League Player of the Year twice. He won this year and was also given the award in 2007. Despite spending the final two months in the majors, Green was named to the honorable mention of Project Prospect's Top Ten AAA position players list.