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The Thursday Thinker: Yuniesky Betancourt's Lone, Incredible Skill

As I started work on this post last night, I stumbled across something I thought was incredible. In an unfathomable demonstration of how many times one can touch something before they realize it's burning them, the Brewers allowed Yuniesky Betancourt to play 149 games at shortstop in 2011. He's one of just seven major leaguers to appear in that many games at the position this season, and the sixth in Brewer franchise history.

Here's where it gets amazing, though, so amazing that I couldn't resist the urge to spoil the surprise: Somehow, Betancourt has played at least 149 games at short in four of the last five seasons. He's the only player in all of baseball that's done it.

If it's not sinking in, you may want to read that sentence again: There is no shortstop in all of baseball that has played in 149 or more games as often as Yuni has since 2007. This is a guy who might be the worst shortstop in baseball. That blew my mind.

Since 2007, there are 25 major leaguers that have appeared in at least 149 games at shortstop in a single season at least once. How many can you name in five minutes?

The rules remain the same: Post your score in the comments but do not comment on any specific answer until after 6 pm Central time, so everyone gets a chance to try it out without having it spoiled for them. And, of course, there's no reason to cheat here, because there aren't any prizes.

Several of these are obvious, as you might expect. There are a fair number of surprises, though, including at least a few players I wouldn't have come up with if you'd given me all day. If you manage to get all the answers, post your time along with your score in the comments.

Have fun, and don't forget to post your score in the comments!