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Roy Halladay, Clayton Kershaw Tie For SB Nation's NL Cy Young

While we all sit around and wait for the BBWAA to announce their award selections next week, contributors from around the SB Nation network have counted our ballots and are ready to reveal our 2011 awards this week under the following schedule:

Monday: Rookies of the Year (Craig Kimbrel NL, Michael Pineda AL)
Tuesday: AL Cy Young (Justin Verlander)
Wednesday: NL Cy Young
Thursday: AL MVP
Friday: NL MVP

Despite the fact that Clayton Kershaw appeared first on 14 of the league's 28 ballots compared to his 13, Roy Halladay was able to overcome the deficit to tie him for the most prestigious award the SBN baseball sites are handing out today. All 28 votes had Halladay in their top three, while only 27 of 28 did so for Kershaw. Rubie Q and I split the BCB vote:

Voter 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place 4th Place 5th Place
Kyle Roy Halladay Clayton Kershaw Cliff Lee Madison Bumgarner Matt Cain
Rubie Clayton Kershaw Roy Halladay Cliff Lee Ian Kennedy Cole Hamels

You can see the full results after the jump.

The only Brewer represented in the balloting was Zack Greinke, who finished tied for tenth place by receiving one fifth place vote. I'm not allowed to tell you who voted for him, but it wasn't Rubie or I.

Num Name 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Total
1 Clayton Kershaw 14 11 2 1 149
1 Roy Halladay 13 13 2 149
3 Cliff Lee 4 21 2 83
4 Ian Kennedy 3 14 6 43
5 Cole Hamels 1 7 8 29
6 Madison Bumgarner 2 3 7
7 Tim Lincecum 1 4 6
8 Matt Cain 1 3 5
9 Chris Carpenter 1 2
10 Johnny Cueto 1 1
11 Zach Greinke 1 1
12 Craig Kimbrel 1 1