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Today In Brewer History: Robin Yount Takes Home The Hardware

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It wasn't exactly a difficult decision, but on this day in 1982 it was made official: Robin Yount was the American League MVP. Yount was given the #1 spot on 27 of the 28 collected ballots, winning the award for the first time.

We talk about it a fair amount, but I'm not sure we give Yount enough credit for having had one of the greatest seasons of baseball's modern era. rWAR estimates Yount's value at 11.5 wins for the season. There are only twelve players in all of baseball history that have reached that mark:

Player Season(s)
Babe Ruth Six times
Barry Bonds Three times
Mickey Mantle Three times
Rogers Hornsby Three times
Robin Yount 1982
Joe Morgan 1975
Carl Yastrzemski 1967
Stan Musial 1948
Ted Williams 1946
Lou Gehrig 1927
Ty Cobb 1917
Honus Wagner 1908

The list of players that have done it since 1969 is much shorter: It's just Bonds (three times), Joe Morgan and Yount.

Yount was one of six Brewers to receive votes for the award: Cecil Cooper (fifth place), Gorman Thomas (eighth), Paul Molitor (12th), Rollie Fingers (tied for 16th) and Pete Vuckovich (18th) were the others.

With help from and the B-Ref Play Index, happy birthday today to: