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Wednesday's Cup of Hot Cocoa

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If the Brewers sign Jose Reyes, they would have a dread-full middle infield.
If the Brewers sign Jose Reyes, they would have a dread-full middle infield.

Some things to read while bridging the generation gap.

It's not the busiest news day, so the lead story for the Brewers today is something that shouldn't come as a big surprise: The team has asked their entire coaching staff to return for the 2012 season. (Fanshot) I don't think anyone would have expected anything different from a team that just won 96 games and went to the league championship series.

Of course, one coach still might not return. Dale Sveum interviewed for the Cubs vacant manager position yesterday and remains a strong candidate for Boston's manager position as well.  Tom Haudricourt wonders if Sveum becoming the Cubs new manager would open up the door for Prince Fielder to sign with Chicago.

Speaking of Fielder, here are today's notes on the big fellow:

In other free agent news, people just keep on seeming to think the Brewers can actually sign Jose Reyes, so let's talk about him for a bit:

  • Tom Haudricourt would be "very surprised" if the Brewers managed to sign Reyes.
  • The Marlins, who have been making a splash just by indicating they want to sign a top free agent, might offer Reyes a three year deal with a very high annual salary.
  • If the Brewers do go after Reyes, we are unlikely to hear about it unless the two sides actually agree to a contract. Doug Melvin says that he is going to play his cards close to the vest and I'm sure that comes as a surprise to everyone.

Another popular target among fans is the Marlins' Logan Morrison, who might make sense as the new first baseman. Unfortunately, that probably won't happen as the Marlins are apparently set on keeping him unless he is involved in a trade for James Shields.

The Brewers announced their spring training schedule today. They will open up spring games on March 4 against San Francisco in the first of what will be 34 games for Milwaukee.

Matthew Leach at thinks that Arizona's Kirk Gibson will win the NL Manager of the Year, but that Ron Roenicke and Tony Larussa are strong runners-up. The actual award winner will be announced November 16.

Lance Berkman says that the Astros potentially moving to the American League is a "travesty" and that the Brewers should be the ones forced to make the move. Berkman says the Astros are a National League franchise while Milwaukee is "historically an American League franchise".

In former Brewers news, current Mets knuckleballer R.A. Dickey has written a book and it is now available for pre-order.

Around the MLB:
Diamondbacks: Signed right hander Chris Jakubauskas to a minor league deal.
Marlins: Signed left-handed pitcher Beau Jones
Phillies: Have come to an agreement with closer Ryan Madson for a four year, $44 million deal
White Sox: Re-signed third baseman Dallas McPherson

The Cardinals search for a new manager led them to interview former Red Sox manager Terry Francona for the job yesterday.

In things I hope every team adopts soon, Safeco Park--home of the Mariners--has installed electric car charging stations available for public use. The chargers will be available 24 hours a day, regardless of whether the Mariners are playing or not.

Over at fangraphs, Jim Breen says that a hard-slotting system would be bad for baseball as it would deter players from focusing on the sport and, instead, would cause them to focus more on other sports, like football.

That's all I've got for you, unless you need some fishing tips.