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Ryan Braun And The Five Stages Of Grief: Denial

Here's Alex Gonzalez. Anyone want to talk about him?
Here's Alex Gonzalez. Anyone want to talk about him?

Like many of you, I've spent most of the last 48 hours trying to come to terms with what's happening with Ryan Braun. While we still don't know the specifics and it's possible we never will know everything we want to know, we can say pretty unequivocally that Braun's reputation and the Brewer organization have taken what might be the most significant publicity hit in franchise history.

As long as we're going through all of this, I guess it makes sense for us to go through all of it together. So this week, as a community, we'll take a look at the stages of grief over our loss as a fanbase.

I was away from home when I heard the news for the first time on Saturday, and in the grand scheme that's probably what kept me from breaking something. Being out for the day gave me several hours to process the news mentally before I got home. By the time I got back I didn't really want to think about it anymore: I took a few hours to have a drink on the couch and watch the Badger game I had DVR'd earlier in the day. It was good to spend a few hours in a place where I could pretend all of this hadn't happened yet.

So that's where we're at today. In this thread, I don't want to talk about Ryan Braun. Talk about whatever other Brewer-related things you'd like, but I think we could all use a break from the news and an opportunity to think about something else for a while.