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Ryan Braun And The Five Stages Of Grief: Anger

Ok, it's probably time to stop denying this is happening and move on to the next step.

I feel like there's a fair amount of anger/frustration to be let out regarding this situation, and especially the way it's been handled. At the moment, here's a collection of people I'm unhappy with:

  • I'm really frustrated with whoever leaked the Braun test to the public, and the media (Outside The Lines, most notably) that went public with results that aren't official yet in what's supposed to be an anonymous and confidential situation. Because they couldn't wait for a point where the full story was available, they've found Braun guilty in the court of public opinion. And because they couldn't wait until the people involved could speak for themselves they've also subjected us to days of "I heard from a source close to (person)," and probably months to come.
  • I'm angry with people like friend of the site Phil Dawson, who have jumped to conclusions and assumed Braun's guilt before any of the facts have become available. If these allegations are true then we'll have plenty of time to discuss how disappointed we all are in Braun. Until we're certain, though, I'd rather not say something I might end up having to apologize for later.
  • I'm frustrated by the people who administer the drug program. Braun found out he tested positive in October, but we likely won't know until sometime in January what the repercussions will be. How are the Brewers supposed to handle an offseason when they're spending four months of it not knowing the status of their best player?

I thought I'd have a longer list, but as it turns out this more or less blankets most of my anger at this point. How about you? What are you angry about today?

Before I let you open fire, I should remind you that the rules laid out in the BCB Omnibus Posting Guide still apply here. If this thread devolves into namecalling or shouting matches, I reserve the right to close it down and hang my head in shame for thinking this was a good idea.