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Today In Brewer History: A Silent Night (And Day)

For roughly nine months now I've put together Today In Brewer History each morning. Some days are more historic than others, but I've always been able to find enough to put together a few paragraphs and a short list of birthdays.

Until today, anyway.

As you might expect, there hasn't been a lot of Brewer business conducted on Christmas Day over the years. There's not a single former Brewer, current Brewer or Brewer minor leaguer born on this day. There aren't any transactions to report of a Brewer coming or going. I can't find the slightest bit of minutiae to discuss.

So, for one day, history will take a break. Unless something notable happens, the rest of the BCB content will likely follow suit as we take the day off for the holiday. Hopefully you're enjoying a day with your loved ones as well.

Happy holidays, from all of us at Brew Crew Ball.