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Brew Crew Blasts, #10: Hart Starts Off With A Bang

This is Part One of a ten part series looking at the Brewers' longest home runs of 2011, as measured by Hit Tracker Online.

Saying Corey Hart's season got off to a bit of a slow start would be a massive understatement. Hart didn't make his 2011 debut until April 26, then hit just .237/.275/.329 with no home runs in his first 21 games. The Brewers held him out of the lineup for the finale of a three game set against the Rockies on May 22, but Ron Roenicke penciled him back in on May 23 and was greatly rewarded for the decision.

After Rickie Weeks was hit by a pitch to lead off the game, Hart came to the plate against Nationals pitcher Tom Gorzelanny and did this to the second pitch:

Hit Tracker estimates the true distance of Hart's first homer at 441 feet, and says it was going 106.5 mph when it left his bat. Hart wasn't done, of course: He hit two more homers in the game to give the Brewers an 11-3 victory.