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Brew Crew Blasts, #9: Make Way For Weeks

This is Part Two of a ten part series looking at the Brewers' longest home runs of 2011, as measured by Hit Tracker Online. Part One ran yesterday.

Tuesday, September 27 will always be remembered as the day Prince Fielder hit his last three Brewer home runs, going deep three times in a game for the first time in his career as the Brewers came from behind to beat the Pirates 6-4 and clinch the #2 seed in the NL playoffs. There was another homer hit in that game, though, and it was longer than two of Fielder's three shots.

The two teams were tied at one in the third inning when Rickie Weeks came to the plate. Prince Fielder had tied the game with a solo homer one batter earlier, and on the sixth pitch Weeks followed suit with this 443 foot blast:

I love that video for three reasons:

  1. The home run, of course.
  2. Prince Fielder's reaction at roughly the 0:07 mark.
  3. Jerry Hairston Jr.'s reaction to Fielder's reaction.

The homer ended a 68 PA long ball drought for Weeks, who went on to hit two more in the playoffs.