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Brew Crew Blasts, #7: Get Used To Seeing Prince Fielder

This is Part Four of a ten part series looking at the Brewers' longest home runs in 2011, as measured by Hit Tracker Online. Parts One, Two and Three of the series ran earlier this week.

The fact that we've gone three full days in this series without discussing a Prince Fielder home run is something of an upset. Rest assured, though, we'll be talking about him more often than not the rest of the way.

Our first Fielder bomb came on July 5. The Brewers were trailing the Diamondbacks 7-1 in the sixth inning and this tape measure blast didn't actually help the situation all that much, but at least it gave us a nice highlight:

Hit Tracker Online says that ball traveled 443 feet and experienced a velocity of 112 mph coming off Fielder's bat. That's the longest home run Zach Duke had allowed since Fielder connected for a 450 foot blast off of him on May 29, 2006. That historic footage can be seen here.