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Kirbir's Pictures of the Week

We've all been waiting patiently to find out how this season will find the Brewers, especially with the new additions to the team.


Some of us have spent time waiting for autographs.


Others tried to fill the time with seemingly less meaningful things.


And others still have been enjoying following Brewers on Twitter, like John Axford.


Whatever you've been doing, the wait is finally over and spring training has begun!
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Zach Greinke pitched on March 1, before it came out he screwed up his ribs with some basketball. Way to be.


We had a Robin Yount sighting on Tuesday...


And Brandon Boggs show us his awesome jumping skills...


Not to be outdone, Prince Fielder decided to show off his finely honed jumping skills.


Rickie Weeks showed off his ninja skills this week too.


Ryan Braun's three-run homer!



Of course, the start of the season brings a lot of questions with it, like... 

What will happen to this beautiful relationship???


On a more serious note, all of my thoughts are with Takashi Saito and those in Japan.

To learn about how you can help the relief efforts, click here



All pictures are from Yahoo!, our wonderful SBNation partner.