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Game Thread #-17: Royals (10-5) at Brewers (9-6)

Takashi Saito, back in camp after making sure his family in Japn was OK, is starting for the Brewers today.  He gets to face Lorenzo Cain, Alcides Escobar and the rest of the Royals lineup with Kyle Davies getting the start for them.

This is the first post-daylight savings game for Milwaukee, with all games taking place at 3:00 central instead of 2:00 now.  Except for Wednesday against Seattle, which is at 9:00.

Lineups after the jump.


Weeks 4
Gomez 8
Almonte 3
McGehee 5
Betancourt 6
Counsell DH
Boggs 9
Gindl 7
Nieves 2


Cain 8
Aviles 5
Butler DH
K'il'a'hauliea'hue 3
Franceour 9
Cabrera 7
Perez 2
Getz 4
Escobar 6