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Community Projections: First, Second, Third Bases

We're back for another season of community projections, which provide us with: a way to kill some time before the season, a baseline for what the community expects for comparison purposes throughout the year, a way to formulate a community projection for team wins, and finally, we can look back and see how close we were after the year. 

I'm changing things up a bit this year, we're just going to project the starters and a few backups, and slot the backups production for leftover at-bats instead of trying to narrow down who will take up the at-bats behind the main starters. So today all you're being asked to do is plug the numbers in the form for slash lines of 3 starters as well as their playing time at their position as a percentage of total at-bats at that position. 

With that, here's a bit of data to consider while you determine how to project each player. The ZiPS projections are from BBTF, and the other two lines are simply the slash lines from the past two years, which should help everybody to not overthink it too much. 

We had tremendous participation last year, with close to 100 projections for each player, which gave us a very nice representative sample of the community. If you have a moment, get over to the form and get your Projection game on. It should only take a minute, and the more the better. 

Prince Fielder

ZiPS: .274/.399/.530

2009: .299/.412/.602

2010: .261/.402/.471

Rickie Weeks

ZiPS: .249/.352/.436

2009: .272/.340/.517

2010: .269/.366/.464

Casey McGehee

ZiPs: .272/.322/.430

2009: .301/.360/.499

2010: .285/.337/.464

I'm not going to go through attempting to embed the forms into the post this year, so just follow this link:

The selection for form backgrounds, however, is much better this year. I'm starting us off with a very nice math-related background.