UPDATE 2! BCB Fantasy Baseball League 2: The league that gets inside your cabeza!

UPDATE 2: Invites sent. League Name the Jan Brady League. Password is Marsha Marsha Marsha

UPDATE: Sunday seems to be the popular choice. The draft will be Sunday the 27th at 8 PM. I have approved a bunch of names below as well with special extra credit to Picture Me Rollins, They Hatin'. So keep up the good work. I think there are like 4 or 5 approvals left. So keep working it and feel free to co-opt anything you find clever and funny. I will send out league emails today.

This post is specifically for the participants in League 2, listed next, but I do hope everyone enjoys it.

PEOPLE THIS IS SPECIFICALLY FOR: Michael M, SRB, ilostmy4thfinger, B0Jesus, tcyoung, Rendezvous, saberilliterate, Yar Nivek, klwillis45, masondlo, kitton mittons, brewerblue87, baseballdan1092

I sent you all an email with the following text, this is the post that was mentioned in the email where you post your team names and preferences for the draft day. Draft time is fixed at 8 PM CST on either Saturday the 26th or Sunday the 27th. For those that missed the email...

I'm going to make this as brief as possible. A lot of you have played with me as the commish of BCB Fantasy Football, so you know my expectations. I expect a lot of shit talking, and all with a good humor about it. And you know what I find most valuable in a league is hillarious team names. Let's face it, 1/2 the fun of fantasy is drafting, and the other half is talking smack. The actual maintenance of a fantasy team is frankly a little tedious. So participation in the league itself is not as important as participation in the weekly update that will be on BCB every Monday. Just don't go start tanking on me in May alright? Save it for at least after the Pirates are mathematically eliminated in early August.

Also, if you do not bring the funny with your name selection, I will send you back to the drawing board. For example, my team name will be Halladay ROAAOOOOOAAOOAAD. 80s and early 90s song references are always fine, as are good sexual references (like a play off Tim Lincecum's name will be fine, though it's first come first serve on that bad boy). But if you come with Yar Nevik's Bombers (as an example as I know he will always bring the funny), I will send you back to the drawing board. ESPN allows 15 characters in the first part of your name, and 15 in the latter part. So you have 50% more space to use than Yahoo, which is nice. As always, my wife is the final arbiter. She gives the thumbs down, you go back. You can find some decent ideas here. There will be a Post on BCB today.

Next Item of business. Draft Day and Time. We are doing this bad boy on Espin. The draft day will either be Saturday the 26th or Sunday the 27th, and we'll set the time for 8 PM CST so no one misses any of their precious college basketball. If you can't make either day, you better pre-rank your list or be stuck with a wonderful lineup of guys Espin thinks will do well for you, like Adam Wainwright, Steven Strasburgh, and Johan Santana. I will personally make sure Eric Bedard is on your team if you do not pre-rank your guys and don't make the draft. Anyway, I need to know which day is better for you, Saturday or Sunday?

Last Item. We are going with the point system Noah decided on, because he's the boss. Playoffs are a different story. Since this is a H2H league of 14, we will have an 8 team playoff. so that's 22 weeks of matchups where you will get a win or a loss, tiebreaks will be decided by a random category of my choosing (probably something random like GIDPs, because I love to torture you all). Tie breaks for the playoffs will be decided by total points.

Email back to confirm you received this, and post your team name in the fanpost I will create today as well as your draft preference. Or put it in the email. Doesn't matter much to me as long as I hear back from you.

Good luck this year and may all of your players avoid gorilla herpes,