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Game Thread #-9: Brewers (13-9) v. Rangers (10-12)

Only nine of these left!

Actually, there may only be eight: The weather in Phoenix may prevent today's game, so the Rangers and Brewers moved today's projected starters, C.J. Wilson and Yovani Gallardo, into this morning's minor league games.

Follow the jump for today's updated tentative pitching matchup, lineup and more!

C.J. Wilson was scheduled to start today for the Rangers, but due to rainy weather he's not making the trip and pitched in a minor league game instead. I don't know who they're pitching instead. 

Whoever the Rangers send will face Tim Dillard (7.45 ERA this spring), pitching in place of Yovani Gallardo. This is Dillard's seventh spring outing and his third start. His last outing was on Friday, when he pitched 2.2 innings of scoreless, hitless relief against the Rangers, walking one and striking out two.

There's still a chance Dillard could be in consideration to take the fifth spot in the rotation. With that said, it's unlikely the Brewers will stretch him out too far today, since he's on two days rest.


Rickie Weeks 2B
Carlos Gomez CF
Yuniesky Betancourt SS
Prince Fielder 1B
Casey McGehee 3B
Erick Almonte LF
Chris Dickerson RF
Mike Rivera C
Tim Dillard P


The weather will most likely be the story this afternoon. The Weather Channel says the chance of rain in Phoenix today is 100%, with winds gusting up to 40 mph. If they do play in those conditions, the results should be pretty interesting.


Today's game is being broadcast on WTMJ and via Gameday Audio.

Enjoy the game!