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Could Jo-Jo Reyes Be The Answer?

Here's something to think about/discuss this morning while I work on the Mug.

The Brewers and Blue Jays are running out of time to resolve the PTBNL in the Carlos Villanueva trade. If I recall correctly, the player the Brewers are receiving needs to be named by Opening Day. Obviously this is pure speculation, but the timing has me wondering if the Brewers are hoping to acquire someone the Jays cut from major league camp in the final stages.

Tom Dakers runs Bluebird Banter, the Blue Jays blog on the SBN network. Over the weekend I emailed him to ask if the Jays had any players that meet the following criteria:

1) Out of options.
2) Possible candidate to not make the team.
3) Candidate to open the season as a starting pitcher.

Here's Tom's response:

The one Jay pitching name that is out of options and is on the bubble to make the team is Jo-Jo Reyes. Reyes has a 3.46 ERA so far this spring and still is in the battle for the forth or fifth starter job with the Jays, but I gotta think that Kyle Drabek and Jesse Litsch have a step up on him. Reyes, if he doesn't make the Jays rotation does have a shot at being a situational lefty in the bullpen, but he has competition there too. I don't think he would make it through waivers if the Jays tried to send him down to the minors.

Reyes is not a bad pitcher, he was the Braves second round draft pick in 2003 and he didn't do well when the Braves called him up. The Jays think he would be a decent 5th starter and are giving him every chance this spring, but we are up to our armpits in possible starters. Reyes might win out, if the Jays decide they would like to put off starting the arbitration clock for Drabek. Maybe they will want to see what Reyes can do before they get get rid of him.

As a side note, here are Tom's thoughts on Carlos Villanueva:

As for how Carlos is doing, a couple of weeks ago I figured Villanueva's chances of making the team were slim and none but Frank Francisco is on his way to Alabama to have his shoulder looked at by Dr. He Who Shouldn't Be Named and Octavo Dotel has been having his own problems too. Going into camp Carlos looked to be at the back end of a list of about 10 possible right handed relievers. But a couple of injuries later and some very good pitching, he has a good shot to be on the team. He has an 0.93 ERA in 9.2 spring innings. I just got back from Florida and saw him pitch a couple of times, he looked very good. The team is trying to stretch him out a bit so that he could pitch 2 or 3 innings in a game if needed. I'd be surprised if he doesn't make the team out of spring.