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Introducing the 2011 BCB Prediction Contest

It's time once again for the Brew Crew Ball Prediction Contest. This year, just like last year, I'm ripping the concept off from Beyond the Box Score. I'm ripping off the directions, too:

Below you will find 40 pairs of numbers. In each case, you tell me which number will be bigger. One point for each correct answer. Most points wins.

Ties (although I've done my best to avoid them) go to the side that had fewer votes. For example, here is a pair of numbers:

Wins by the Yankees
Wins by the Red Sox

Let’s say 41 people take the Yankees and 54 take the Red Sox. If the Yankees and Red Sox end up with the same number of wins, then each Yankee-backer will get a point and each Red Sox-backer will not.

Once again this year, we have prizes. The winner of this year's prediction contest will receive a BCB T-shirt of their choosing, and others who finish near the top may win other prizes that come into my possession as the year goes along. Last year I gave away two books in addition to the t-shirt. If we get to 200 participants, I'll throw in a second prize, and continue to add prizes for each 100 participants, up to 500.

Getting your entry in is easy. The 40 questions are in a Google Form, posted after the jump. Never again will I have to manually calculate contest winners - it's all being fed directly into a spreadsheet, and at the end of the season I should be able to identify our winners in a day or less.

So, follow the jump to add your entry! Entries must be submitted by game time on Opening Day to be eligible. Have fun and good luck!