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Spring Training Game Thread #-28: Brewers (3-1) at A's (2-2)

Randy Wolf and Trevor Cahill are your starters.

Randy Wolf throws a fastball around 90 mph. He has a straight change at 80 mph and a soft slider that ranges from 77 to 82 mph. His curve ball is slow, at about 65 mph.

For the A's, Trevor Cahill is likely their Opening Day starter. He had a rough first outing in Spring Training against the Cubs three days ago -  he saw seven batters and retired only one, allowing five hits, a walk and four runs.

He throws a high-movement sinker that sits in the mid to upper 80s. He has a four-seam fastball that, along with the sinker, will comprise most of his arsenal. He has a changeup as well as a slider and a curve.

Follow the jump for lineups and other probable pitchers

Brewers Lineup:

Weeks 4

Gomez 8

Braun 7

McGehee 5

Kotsay 3

Betancourt 6

Kottaras DH

Boggs 9

Nieves 2

Wolf P


Other pitchers (per McCalvy) are Manny Parra, Sean Green, Mike McClendon, Brandon Kintzler, Amaury Rivas, Robert Hinton and Roque Mercedes

Oakland Lineup

Crisp 7

Barton 3

Willingham 7

Jackson DH

LaRoche 5

Carson 9

Timmons 4

Donaldson 2

Sogard 6

Cahill P