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Smile, Milwaukee! You're In Baseball's Least Depressed Non-Winning City

A press release I received this morning from sorted the eighteen cities that haven't seen a World Series win in the last 20 years by the following criteria:

The rankings were based on a variety of factors including psychiatrists and divorce lawyers per capita, unemployment rate, heavy drinking rate, suicide rate, mentally unhealthy days reported among adults, medical and legal-related questions, as well as number of days over the past three seasons that each team held first place and were eliminated from first place contention.

While Washington, Oakland and Baltimore top the list, somehow Milwaukee ended up at the very bottom, 18th out of 18. The full list is after the jump.

  1. Washington
  2. Oakland
  3. Baltimore
  4. Seattle
  5. Houston
  6. San Diego
  7. Cleveland
  8. Cincinnati
  9. Chicago (Cubs)
  10. Pittsburgh
  11. Denver
  12. Los Angeles (Dodgers)
  13. New York (Mets)
  14. Tampa
  15. Dallas
  16. Kansas City
  17. Detroit
  18. Milwaukee
I think, based on the fact that Milwaukee and Detroit ended up being significantly less depressed than San Diego and Seattle (among others), that the science in play here is relatively questionable.